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Best Interactive Cat Toy Rechargeable Ball

😻Charging for 1.5-2 hours can bring 3.5-4 hours of playing time to pets, no need to buy batteries, safe and environmentally friendly, convenient charging.

😻Cat toy ball is a 360 ° irregular movement, which further stimulates the potential curiosity of pets and gives your pets unlimited fun. when colliding a chair, door, wall, and so on, the ball’s automatic intelligent balance device will automatically change the direction of the ball.

😻This best interactive cat toy rechargeable ball with mild led light, which stimulates the pet’s curiosity, attracts the pet’s attention to the toy ball more, and the light does not glare and does not cause harm to humans and pets eyes.

😻Smart USB cat toy ball will turn off automatically after being turned on for 40 minutes to keep the pet’s freshness to the toy ball. At the same time, if you do n’t have much time to watch the pet, this will be a perfect product.

😻The sphere is made of ABS resin, which is harmless to pets, non-toxic, odorless, strong, and resistant to scratching and biting.



Color: White

SIMPLY TURNING THE Best Interactive Cat Toy Rechargeable Ball On

Why choose PentaBeauty

✔️Upgraded version with USB charging, charge 1.5 hours,
enjoy 3.5-4 hours of fun

✔️High quality, non-toxic ABS plastic, won’t break even hit the
wall for hundreds of times

✔️Small in size, good for kitty to play

Package Included:

– Smart interactive cat toy ball x 1

– USB charging cable x 1

– User Manual x 1

Smart Best Interactive Cat Toy Rechargeable Ball Rolling

The PentaBeauty smart interactive cat toy ball moves around
by itself, the movement is random and unpredictable, helps to rise
the hunting instinct inside your indoor cats, let them chase the
ball around can prevent your cat from being obese, lazy, no
longer have to worry about cats being bored!

Sphere shape and self-balancing system enable the ball to
move freely in a very unpredictable way, it is not only for kitty but
also fun for the whole family to just watch the cat chasing the ball
in the house.

Upgraded Version with USB charging.

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5.0 out of 5 stars R2-D2 meets the cat world!

Reviewed in the United States on April 30, 2020

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