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Whether you have a large or semi-large cat in your life or an indoor cat who just loves to stay warm, a best heated cat house might be the solution you were looking for. Heated cat houses have integrated heating pads to warm your cat friend regardless of the outside temperature.

Read on to find out more about heated cat houses and how to choose the best one for your cat. Our favorite is the heated cat house PETYELLA, a sturdy option that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. We make it easy for you and find the top 3 heated cat houses according to customer review.

Considerations When Choosing Heated Cat Houses:

Heated Indoor And Outdoor Cat Houses:

Remember to use your heated cat house indoors or outdoors. Indoor cat houses are intended for cats who want a little more warmth.

While outdoor cat houses mostly serve as warm shelters for cats that you feed and care for but do not live in your home. However, pet cats who want to spend a lot of time outdoors can also benefit from heated outdoor cat houses.

Keep in mind that even outdoor cat houses are not designed for full use in the elements. Although they can get a little wet, they should be set up on covered courts, in garages, sheds, porches, and the like. Outdoor cat houses are often safe for indoor use, but not the other way around.


It is important to choose a heated cat house that is large enough for your kitten or cats. If you only have one cat, a standard-sized cat house should fit him.


Water Resistance:

When buying an outdoor cat house, it is important that it is at least waterproof, if not waterproof. You must place heated cat houses outdoors in protected areas.

Temperature Adjustment:

In some heated cat houses, you can set the temperature of the heating pad. Of course, you can only make the setting in a small, safe area, but this still gives you some control and allows you to make adjustments based on the weather conditions.

Interior Padding:

Choose a cat house with some padding to make the cat using it feel comfortable. Depending on the model, you may not be able to add extra blankets or pillows for safety reasons. Therefore, the pillow should be sufficiently padded as it is.

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Most heated cat houses cost between $ 50 and $ 100, but there are also particularly large or particularly durable options for up to $ 200.

We recommend some heated cat houses from our products and review research –

Best heated cat house - Top 3 Picks 

1) PETYELLA’s heated cat house:

With its adorable design and waterproof base, this is an ideal best heated cat house for outdoors. Although it’s also suitable for indoors. The shelter is spacious enough to hold a cat or dog up to 25 pounds. This cat house with a waterproof exterior is also ideal for pets outdoors.

In addition, this home is equipped with a chew-resistant cord and a heated pet mat to keep your cats warm and comfortable during the winter nights. The padded bottom ensures a comfortable fit.


Key Feature:

  • Heated cat houses for outdoor cats are leaders in quality, beauty, and innovation. It’s a great waterproof shelter for all cats and dogs under 25 pounds.
  • Even with their fur coats, wild and stray cats need a warm and isolated shelter to sleep in the dark. You can feel great knowing that you are providing a heated cat bed.
  • Outdoor cat home is a thoughtful and unique gift! It can be used in barns, verandas, garages or balconies!
  • The house is supplied with a heated mat with 1 m chewable cable and 4 m extension cable. A plug-in timer is also added so you can save time and money
  • When the weather gets colder at night, your cat will love the benefits of a heated shelter. Where she can snuggle up in the cool autumn and winter months.
  • Heated cat houses contain everything you need to protect your cute cat.

This house is also supplied with a 4 m extension cable. The plug-in timer also helps you save a lot of money and time. You can easily set up this cat house in barns, garages, balconies, and verandas.

The house is easy to travel and can be installed in a few minutes. The removable folding doors protect your cats from snow, wind, and cold.


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Reasons to buy:

  • Protects your cats from the cold.
  • Suitable for storage in gardens and indoors.
  • It comes with a simple washing process.

2) K & H Pet Products Outdoor Cat House Extra Wide – Outdoor Heated Cat House:

This classic outdoor cat house offers an exceptional price-performance ratio. This outdoor cat house with an extra-large space is also suitable for large cats.

The waterproof exterior of this house also makes it ideal for outdoors. You can also set it up in garages, barns, courtyards and anywhere. The construction consists of two exits with transparent doors to keep the predators away from your cats.


Key Feature:

  • Excellent use in barns, garages, verandas or wherever an outside cat needs additional warmth and protection. It can also be used indoors!
  • With two exits with removable door flaps so that your cats cannot be caught by predators.
  • Includes a K & H Lectro-Soft heating bed that falls under the MET safety standard.
  • Vinyl backing and 600-denier nylon construction provide waterproof protection. Fluffy walls in the fastening style and a zip roof for easy installation (no tools required!).
  • Ideal for cats outdoors. The large, heated animal shelter that can be used by two cats at the same time and protects against rain, wind, and snow.

The removable flaps of these doors keep your cat warm even during snowfall. In addition, you do not need any tools to assemble this heated house. The extra-wide house is also ideal for fat cats. The Velcro straps on the walls enable stress-free installation.


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Reasons To Buy:

  • Suitable for the winter season to warm your cats.
  • Made of high-quality materials for durability.
  • Heavy performance and modern construction.

3) Kitty Shelter from K & H Pet Products:

This well-insulated cat house is designed for all-weather use (even under extreme conditions). But it is also suitable for indoor use. The shelter for cats is equipped with underfloor heating. Which provides warmth and comfort for your pets with a 25-watt heater.

This home also helps your cats maintain body temperature during cool nights. The 600D polyester exterior of this shelter makes it waterproof and ideal for outdoor use. The cat house is easy to set up and has a simple zip design.


Key Feature:

  • Made from 600-denier nylon that provides water resistance and durability. It also can resist rain, snow, and harsh weather conditions.
  • The combination of modern colors, simple zip design, rigid outside and the internal heating pad makes it an excellent value for everyone who cares for cats outdoors.
  • Use it to keep cats warm in a barn, shed, porch, garage, under a deck, or in a place with extreme temperatures.
  • Includes a small, pet-heated pillow and a fleece sleeve that warms to your pet’s normal body temperature when lying on the pillow.
  • Features a wrapped 5.5-foot steel cable and is MET listed for safety reasons.

This temperature-resistant house is also ideal for placing it almost anywhere with a power connection. The shelter is also suitable for putting garages, barns, porches, indoor, and anywhere. A big cat can stay comfortably in this shelter.

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Reasons To Buy:

  • Suitable for cats of different sizes.
  • Allows your cats to stay warm.
  • Easy storage when not in use.

After seeing the various benefits of a cat house, you can now decide how you want to choose the best one for you. Apart from being functional, it looks beautiful and meets your cat’s needs. It offers cats a private space and is an ideal place to sleep.


Q. Are heated cat houses safe?

While the vast majority of heated cat houses are very safe (performance is extremely low, so there is little fire risk), you may find some counterfeit or cheaply made models with poor wiring.

If you are worried, buy a model that has undergone independent safety testing, such as B. from Underwriters Laboratories or MET Labs.

Q. Are there cats that shouldn’t use heated cat houses?

If your furry friend is a kitten, a senior, or has an injury, illness, or chronic health condition, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian before allowing him to use a heated cat house.

Q.What does it mean if a heated cat house has a MET safety label?

A MET security label is similar to the UL label (Underwriters Laboratory). This means that a heated cat house has been tested for safety and meets all the necessary standards for safe operation.


When thinking about getting a cat house, you need to consider all of the factors. You also need to check that the use is safe and that you can adjust the temperature.

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