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Hello there, friend! The Catnias is a growing blog all about cats and advice on keeping them. Our small team of experienced cat owners, part-time editors, and writers are looking forward to bringing you exciting and informative articles to help you become a the best cat owner you can be!

The Catnias began as an Pinterest Bloging in 2019. We’d post a mixture of cute cat pics and helpful infographics that broke down topics like cat food nutrition, flea treatments, and more.

After picking up a little following, we decided we’d need a better place to keep content fresh and up-to-date. In 2020, we set out to create a blog that could cover everything from fun posts and naming Cat Lovers Books. Every member who works with us to build the blog into something beautiful does so with cats’ best interests at heart.

With more fresh content in the pipeline and a vision for creating a community in the future, everyone in charge is super excited to get the show on the road.

Who’s Behind The Catnias

Keeping a website up to date and full of fresh new content is no easy task. Our Editorial Team consists of a small group of volunteers who make sure each and every article you read is accurate, informative and original. They do their very best to ensure every article leaves you more informed on how best to care for your kitty. Along with them, here are 7 cat owner who contribute to our blog.

For partnership or sponsored content opportunities please email admin [@] catnias [.] com