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Leaving your cat at home for long periods of time can lead to boredom. Knowing the signs that your cat is bored can help prevent destructive behavior in the future. So, it’s very important to choose the best toys for cats home alone.

Before you buy you have to know– Why You Should Buy It?

There is various reason to buy cats toys for the home alone cat I note down below:

 Sleeping – Cats sleep a lot, but they can sleep even more if they have nothing to do to keep them entertained. They can lose interest in what’s going on around them and this can lead to weight gain.

 Excessive grooming – Your cat will groom itself until it misses hair, has sores, and the skin is generally irritated. You have to make your cat busy on other things before it loses its hair.

 Fighting – If you have other pets in the house, your cat may start fighting with them to keep themselves busy. This can get worse. If they notice that the other pets are on their mind and the risk of injury increases.

Eating – Like people do when they’re bored, your cat can eat out of boredom. When you combine this with a lower level of activity, you have a recipe for rapid weight gain.

 Destructive Behavior – Destructive behavior includes things like scratching your furniture, chewing anythings, cutting covers, and generally destroying your items. This behavior can be a way for your cat to entertain itself, and toys can distract them.

 Reasons to buy toys for home alone cat: There are several obvious reasons to buy an interactive cat toy for your cat. Some are more obvious, but there are some that may surprise you. They included:

Health – Best toys for cats home alone can help keep your cat healthy, even if she only plays with it for a few minutes a day. Besides the physical aspect, it is also a great way for mental stimulation to keep your cat’s mind sharp as you age.

Boredom – A bored cat can be angry or destructive. Interactive toys give your cat a way to relieve boredom and they can play with it for as long as they want.

Lightening Anxiety – You most likely have ways to reduce your cat anxiety, and your cat also needs non-destructive methods. Interactive toys give them the opportunity to reduce their fear and increase their energy in a playful way.

There are so many of these interactive toys from dozens of different brands, you can get lost in the search for the best. So, we selected the seven best and made short reviews of each one. We also wrote a buying guide that explains what you should look for in these toys and why you would need them.

Best Toys for Cats Home Alone Review: Our Top 9 Picks 

1) Interactive Cat Toys with Portable Windmill Scratch Hair Brush Soft Silicone Washable Cat Grooming Shedding Massage Scratch Hairier Cat Brush:

New arrival. Mainly made for home alone interactive cats. Cat owner’s choice. As soon as the windmill is gently transferred, it is going to spin, making the pet cats love not discharging their claws, and there is a hair and face rubbing device in the middle. There are two transparent bins on the round blades of windmill, which can spot lighting balls, bells and mint balls to get kitties. Turn the windmill cat toy gives your cat all the feline fun without clutter!

Interactive Cat Toys with Portable Windmill Scratch Hair Brush Soft Silicone Washable Cat Grooming Shedding Massage Scratch Hairier Cat Brush



2) Mora Pets Cat Scratcher Home Alone Cat Toys:

The interactive 3-in-1 cat scratch toy was developed as a scratch, trackball toy and resting place for cats and kittens. Kittens immediately loved playing with the balls that were in the hole section of cardboard that is perfect for both small and large paws. kittens just loved it. Amazing think is it caught the attention of the older cats, who never play with anything. In fact, they claimed it to be their own by sitting in the wavy middle. The design of fish and waves makes it attractive and enjoyable.



3) Outdoor Petstages Cat Tracks Toys For Cats Home Alone :

This is the best toys for cats home alone. Petstages comes with three colorful balls.  That wheels and wheels on three bright tracks for hours. The bottom of this cat tower is covered with a non-slip coating that holds the toy in place. After you put it on the floor and let your cat the toy around. The rounded edges are safe for your cat and they cannot tip over.

The thicker plastic material is durable. Your cat can talk for hours with this toy, and you can also turn the balls to play with your cat when you are at home.

Cat parents who bought this toy for their cat liked that it came with three layers so cats of different sizes could play for hours. Cat parents who bought this toy said that this toy is smaller than it looks in the pictures.




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4) Snuggly Cat The Ripple Rug Cat Toy For Home Alone Cat:

This multi-functional stuffed toy is great for cats who like to play in carpets and rugs. As it keeps them from your furnishings. This fun cat toy comes with many tunnels and holes built into the carpet that your cat can play and sleep in. It is large enough for many cat households.

The carpet is really a strong needle development with ribs. That makes it much more resistant to fraying or breaking whenever your cat is playing with it. The non-slip mat helps to keep the carpet where you put it.

You are able to thoroughly clean this rug with soap and warm water which is immune to unsightly stains and mold, and mildew. This can be a pleasant item produced from re-cycled drinking water bottles. This construction allows your cat to chew and play.

Those who purchased this rug for their kittens and cats loved it came with a ribbed needle construction to enhance all-round durability. Individuals who acquired this rug mentioned that it smells more powerful the very first time it is opened and eliminated.



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5 )Newest and Upgrade Interactive Tumbler Cat Laser Toys:

This laser toy has a unique tumblr-shaped design and a higher tower, which gives the laser a slightly longer range when running. The laser moves across the floor in random rotating patterns to entertain and track your cat all the time. This laser toy has no cables or plugs.

Tumbler design never fell over by your pet. Irregular circle makes more exciting playing time. It has 4-speed modes, 3 timer settings, 2 adjustable circular areas. And it lasts up to 10 hours in slow mode keep your cat active. It’s an environmental-friendly ABS material, hands-free interactive laser toy makes your home alone cat happy. You can quickly and easily change the battery.




6) PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser:

PetSafe’s 2.7 “Pet Feeder Ball is not only a more exciting way to get a meal, but it also encourages overweight cats to move. Simply fill the ball with a portion of dry food (holds up to 1 cup) and twist it. From there, cats will wipe and play with the ball while the food rolls out of the opening piece by piece.  This toy is ideal for the meal, but it can also be filled with goodies and omitted if the owner is not there. The colors are blue, green, orange and pink.




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7) Interactive Robotic Cat Toys, Automatic Irregular USB Charging:

Interactive robotic cat toys are one of the best toys for cats home alone. Its built-in battery and shared USB port. The robot cat toy balls last 3-4 hours after being fully charged for 2 hours. Enough to keep your cat entertained and relieved of stress if you leave her alone at home.

In order to keep the cat interested in this toy, the product program is set to work 10 minutes every 1.5 hours. It means that the toy will work for 10 minutes, then automatically shut down, and reopen every 1.5 hours.  When the owner is not at home, It can interact with your cat appropriately.



8) Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel :

This triple opening cat tunnel is available in 16 different colors and patterns and is equipped with integrated crinkle paper that makes noises when your catwalks in and out through the tunnels. In the middle of the tunnel is a hole through which you can watch your cat. A hanging toy is also attached to a tunnel.

The spring-loaded steel frame, combined with the durable polyester material, ensures that this tunnel can easily confront wear and tear such as biting and scratching. It falls flat and this design element makes it very easy to pick up the tunnel and take it with you or store it when not in use.

People who bought this product for their cat loved the fact that it has a spring-loaded steel frame coated with a durable polyester material to prevent damage and split.




9) Pawaboo Cat Toy Electronic Mouse :

The Pawaboo Cat Toy Electronic Mouse took the runner-up spot on our list of the best electronic cat toys and boasts a burrowing mouse that plays hide and seek with life-like movements in order to help captivate your cat’s attention. This toy is battery operated and lightweight, making it ideal for use at home or while traveling. There is a choice of two settings, both fast and slow, to entertain cats of all ages.


Those who purchased and reviewed this electronic cat toy appreciated the randomized starts, stops, and reversals, which helped to keep cats guessing and engaged in play. Pet parents also liked that the soft microfiber layer on the top of the unit provided a comfortable place for their pet to rest, and doubled as a scratching surface.



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How can I keep my cat entertained for hours?

Most indoor cats can sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day, but still, require enough exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy. Without adequate exercise, cats can become prone to problems such as weight gain or lack of muscle tone. It can be difficult to keep your cat entertained for hours using interactive toys, as you may not have hours to play with your cat companion every day. These cat toys for home alone make this fight easier by moving for you and playing with your pet.


How can I entertain my cat when I’m not at home?

Cats tend to sleep during the day and stay awake at night. So you don’t necessarily have a lot of things to keep your cat entertained when you’re not at home. There are some basic things you can do to keep your cat busy when you’re not at home, including offering puzzles and toys, giving cardboard boxes and crumpled paper to fly around, and setting up a scratching post or an aquarium for them to find a friend to play with and use electronic cat toys for programmers or remote controls. The best toys for cats home alone can easily solve your problem.

Is it bad to play with your cat with a laser pointer?

It is not bad to play with your cat with a laser pointer as long as you take some safety precautions. First, only buy lasers that are classified as safe for pets, as this helps the beam not damage your or your cat’s eyes if you accidentally look directly at them. When playing with your cat with a laser pointer, do not aim the beam directly at their eyes. However, most laser pointers are harmless to both the human and animal eyes if they are accidentally and occasionally in direct contact.


What to Look for in a Cat Toy?


Most toys are designed primarily for entertainment, but many that have additional benefits for your kitty. For instance, some toys have built-in scratchers to help cats maintain their claws; others have chewing components to encourage oral health. Consider these types of wellness benefits as you shop.


Solo play

Are you looking for a toy that will keep your cats entertained when they’re home alone or something that you have to facilitate? Consider whether a solo play is a priority, as this will dictate what type of toy you should buy.



You know your cat better than anyone, so be sure to think about whether a particular toy is something they’ll use repeatedly. Cats can be finicky, and they often play with a toy once—then never again. If you’re not sure whether they’ll like a toy, it’s best to opt for something you know they’ll play with.


When you’re selecting an interactive cat toy, there are a few important features to consider to make sure you’re choosing the best toy which is suited to your individual cat.

  • Feeder toys. Interactive toys that encourage your cat to naturally ‘hunt’ for their food are a great way to both increase the amount of exercise your cat gets as well as allowing them to play as they eat. This mimics the natural behavior of cats in the wild, which will prevent your cat from feeling bored. Another benefit is that feeding this way helps control your cat’s weight by making sure they get enough exercise.
  • Battery operated or manual. If you work away from home during the week or have an indoor cat that requires a lot of stimulation, then a battery-operated interactive toy is a great choice. Many have an automatic on-off timer, so will come on as your cat initiates play and then turn off after a set period of time. Manual toys are great if you want to sit and play with your cat, for instance by encouraging them to play with a fabric wand or chase a ball.
  • Containing catnip or catnip free. If your cat is particularly sensitive to catnip, then you may want to avoid toys that contain this herb, as your cat may become over-stimulated and a little too playfully aggressive as a result. The other side of the coin is that if catnip encourages your otherwise lazy indoor cat to get up and run around, then using a catnip toy can be a great way to ensure they get enough exercise.

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