What Do I Have To Buy Before I Get a Cat? | Complete Guide 2020

What do I have to buy before I get a cat?
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    This is a  very touching moment when you bring your first cat at home. Before bringing your feline friend at home you have to buy some things for your cat. So here we are trying to help you to purchase the right things.

    You are entering into a blessing relationship, which will hopefully take several years, and the new cat relative will ask you to be prepared for his actual, psychological and emotional demands.

    There are two things you must conform before bringing a new cat home-

    Family Members Need To Prepare Mentally:

    Everyone in your family has to be mentally prepared for except the new feline member. If duties and specific tasks distribute to every family member so, they have to definitely fulfill them. For example, do not give a younger child a duty to take care of the cat. Make sure that the obligations set are age-appropriate.

    Create a Great Cat Match:

    Don’t be careless when choosing a cat. If you already have a cat then obviously make sure that the new feline member’s behavior matches with your old ones. Make a meeting with your family members and make sure they all agree on everyone’s opinion.

    If you thinking about what do I have to buy before I get a cat? Then this following 9 step can help you:

    1)Cat Food:

    Food is essential to your cat. It is essential for survival. You can visit a vet to choose the best meal for your cat. Also, you can give your cat some dry, freeze-dried or wet food according to your cat taste.

    If you want to give your cat a healthy and low-calorie and protein added food from the beginning, you may consult a vet.

    2) Cat Litter:

    One of the advantages of a  cat is that it naturally tends to be in the same area every time. There are no shitting missions in your garden. But that means you need a cat litter box for your cat. There are a lot of varieties in the market.

    A cat litter box can be as simple as a simple plastic bowl or as complicated as automatic poop handling. No matter what works best for your price range and personal preferences, it will be great.

    If you notice that your cat is hesitant to use the litter box, this may be due to the bedding. Try another company. It might be considered experimenting with a few brand before Kitty is satisfied, but then everything will be fine.

    We believe that Flip Litter Box with Scoop and Reusable Liner is best for your cat.

    3) A Durable Cat Carrier:

    Cat parents must need a carrier. A carrier is very essential when you are thinking about a long trip or picnic. Sherpa Original Deluxe Carriers the most effective cat carrier. This durable and well-ventilated Sherpa Deluxe Provider is available in three sizes for pets up to 22 weight. The nylon cover is long-lasting and the large, best entry makes it easier for cats to penetrate.

    The medium sherpa, which is designed for up to 30 kg, is suitable for most cats as they grow from kitten to adult. It is made of thick, difficult nylon, which is sure to be more resistant to claw than most suppliers. And the handbag has wide access points in the entrance area and leads so that cat owners can start their nervous cats more easily compared to most of the providers we have analyzed.

    For more information, see our full guide to cat car travel 

    4)Home & Bed:

    Cats want to have a place to rest. When you buy a bed for your cat, you have a variety of options. Everything you get must be soft and warm. It could be as simple as a pillow, but many cats want nest-like beds (usually shaped like a donut).

    Also, you can buy a house for the winter season which makes your cat warm.

    Obviously, there is a pretty good chance that the cat will eventually decide to rest somewhere else – like your bed. Although, it is wise to have a baby bed available.

    5) Lounge, Scratcher, and Playzone:

    The PetFusion Greatest Cat Scratcher Lounge is a unique pet mattress that doubles as a scratch and provides your cats with a cozy place to rest and a good scratch lounge.

    The PetFusion Best Cat Scratcher Lounge is not your average bed for cats – it’s much more. This mattress has a characteristic curved style made from heavy cardboard and can be used both as a scratching item and as a lounge bed.

    The PetFusion Greatest Pet  Cat Scratcher Lounge is an innovative cat bed that motivates your cat to stretch and relax. You can buy this for your cat without any doubt. By using a reversible design, you benefit from the double utilization of this cat mattress. The high-quality organic catnip from the USA and the natural catnip make it a much more eye-catching product. Simply take the item out of the packaging and place it on the floor or through the window. It is great for scratching and sleeping.

    The PetFusion Greatest Feline Scratcher Lounge has consistently received good reviews, which is why we have made it our leading selection. In addition, this feline bed has received over 7,000 good customer reviews on the Amazon online marketplace.

    Although the PetFusion Greatest Pet Cat Scratcher Lounge is slightly more expensive than other cat mattresses, you need to be aware that you are purchasing an all-in-one product. Not only is it a comfortable bed for your cat to rest on, but it is also a scratcher.

    Advantage: double as a lounge and scratching item, switchable for twice use, durable construction, a unique design for convenience and easy scratching, contains organic catnip.

    Disadvantage: It is a little bit expensive

    Also, read our full pet owner’s self-help guide.

    6)Scratch Point:

    Cats like to scratch. The only real question is: what does your cat scratch? The smart thing is to give your cat something that she likes to scratch and that is made to scratch.

    As with many kitty equipment items, you can choose from a variety of brand names and types. But here are some strategies to invest in a real cat scratching post.

    You have to buy a scratching post for your dearest cat. It has to be durable and stable. A cat can make a post successful, which is difficult in a brisk attack. So you want to make sure the post is always in place and in the right position. A rubber floor could be an advantage.

    It should probably stay vertical. Most cats just like scratching posts. But a few seem to choose horizontal scratching posts. So if you find that your cat does not seem likely to test vertical posts, you need to stack the return for loading for the horizontal posts.

    If you’re not sure what to get, this is an excellent scratch item from the Amazon online marketplace check it out here>>

    7)Food Bowl & Water fountain:

    Of course, you need food and water bowls for your cat. Stainless steel bowls are the favorite among veterinarians because they are easy to clean and purify. Glass and ceramic(s) are also very popular.

    Plastic material services are not recommended as they may contain smells that the cat recognizes as a repellent. Plastic services can also be more susceptible to some type of microorganism that can cause cat diseases.

    Regardless of the bowl’s materials, make sure the design is superficial – especially if your cat is still a little kitten. The cat becomes more comfortable when it can easily reach meals.

    PetFusion Premium bowl made of brushed stainless steel

    AmazonBasics stainless steel bowl

    Your cat’s drinking water meal should be large enough to hold normal water for a full day, so they don’t work.

    We like the top quality brushed stainless steel bowl from PetFusion for pet cat food because it is wide and simple and offers plenty of space to accommodate your cat’s whiskers.

    For normal water dishes, we recommend bowls with a minimum of 20 ounces of water, which are available for two to three days depending on your cat’s size and eating plan. We recommended the AmazonBasics Stainless container because of its decent size, the non-slip base, and the dishwasher-safe design.  You can even use a water fountain that helps your pet consume much more and need less refilling.

    8)Toys And Games: 

    Kittens are lively creatures, and playtime is an integral part of their progress. Cat-like toys and games are great tools to play with, and practically any toy that is designed specifically for cats and that the cat likes will likely be fine.

    If you have an interactive cat so you must have to buy toys for your cat. Just make sure that the cat cannot get tiny pieces of the soft toy. Something small compared to a ping pong golf ball should be considered a possible choking danger.

    Playtime is a great way to build a relationship with your new cat. It provides them with an electrical outlet and provides them with the mental and physical activation they need to be satisfied. Although a crumpled paper tennis ball can make fun.


    Yeowww catnip

    It’s one of the best catnip to buy for your cat. This catnip consists of practically all leaves and is housed in a well-covered compartment. It has to be more effective than the opposition.

    To help your cats relax in their new home, think about a handful of catnip on their own beds, scratching posts, or condos. Even if not all cats are keen on catnip, we recommend adding catnip to your buying list.

    When a cat eats catnip, it acts as a sedative, but when it smells, it drives the cat crazy. It is believed to mimic cat pheromones and trigger these. Cats can rub and chew catnip to injure the leaves and stems, which then release more nepetalactone. Catnip is safe and enjoyable for cats.


    You always care about your feline emotions and needs. Give your feline everything he needs to survive happily. Also, you can use a grooming brush for your cat relaxation.

    Ultimately, there are a few issues you need to address with your veterinary clinic or shelter right after you bring your cat home: vaccines, labels and microchips, and sterilization, among others. You can find more information in this article.

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